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Core Institutions is a specialist in the field of 'Embedded Systems' Solutions and Training and is one of the very few players in the country who offer high quality solutions with continuous technical support in the field of Embedded Systems. Not to mention, we are the leaders in Embedded Systems Education in South India.

We offer tailor made courses in Embedded Systems targeted at graduate engineering students with a non-technical pre-degree qualification. We understand the specific needs of your environment, your goals and strategies, and we provide services to meet the objectives.

Jobs in Embedded Systems are fast growing in demand in India and the world over. The ISA - Ernst & Young report of 2011, estimates an approximately 3.5 million job opportunities in embedded systems in India by 2015, awaiting students qualified in this field. Add to this a huge international opportunity, Embedded Systems is all set to be the next wave in technical education and career in the next five years.

10 Reasons why you should study at core institutions

  • Quality practical / application oriented Training
  • Genuine placements assistance
  • Industry accepted course content
  • Lab with 1:1 students to systems ratio
  • Advanced Hardware Lab for Embedded application
  • Daily theory and practical assignments
  • Module wise Theory and practical Examinations every alternate week
  • Real Time Project guidance
  • Internship program during studies
  • Technical & HR mock interview training

The Futute is Here

Embedded systems are basically computer based control systems designed to perform specifically dedicated functions within a set of larger system. These are fixed or embedded as a part of the complete bigger system, hence the name as Embedded Systems. It is a combination of computer hardware, software and additional mechanical or other technical components.
Embedded Technology is the most popular technology that introduces advanced technologies and solutions for emerging embedded applications, including digital consumer electronics, automotive, wireless/ubiquitous computing and factory automation. An embedded system is a programmed hardware device, designed to run on its own without human intervention, and may be required to respond to events in real time.
Millions of products in our everyday life today have some form of embedded software in them. Home appliances, automobiles, wireless devices and consumer electronics devices are just a few examples. In this embedded domain involves, software development, design and manufacture and even re-engineering of new and existing reference designs, development of device drivers, wired and wireless stacks and even porting of network protocols.

We are the one of kind training institutes for Embedded Systems in India

Modern Labs

Core Institutions has invested heavily on lab infrastructure to make training not short of anything, with licensed software and hardware required for project development , you will experience a real development environment at our lab, all software used in our lab are legally licensed, and has emulation and development hardware, with sophisticated software tools.

Genuine Software

Core Institutions is one of the few training institutes in the country that uses legally licensed software , has license for VXWorks, RedHat / Ubuntu Linux, WINDOWS 7, Turbo C, .NET and other operating tools like KEIL 4 & 3, Flash Magic , MP Lab IDE V8.53, Winpic800, Linux, WINDOWS 7, Turbo C, .NET and other operating tools like KEIL 4 & 3, Flash Magic and much more.

High End Hardware

Our facility has cluster of servers with WINDOWS 7 as the backbone with robust backups. The institute has also invested in various hardware such as Development boards 8051 / PIC / AVR / ARM Boards, and Controller interfacing like Bluetooth, GSM /GPRS /UMTS, Touch Screen, Thumb Scanner, Graphical LCD, RF ID, RF & Zigbee Modules, Electrical Actuators, Various Sensors and others.

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We Make Your Future

Our course curriculum aims at offering a start-up a platform to budding engineers to create utility based robotic applications that can be applied in the field of agriculture, manufacturing, defence, domestic applications and service industries. The research thrust in the past decade has led to a much richer set of perspectives and tools on how to communicate over wireless channels, and the picture is still very much evolving. The research thrust in the past decade has led to a much richer set of perspectives and tools.

Embedded Systems

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Robotics, Wireless Technology

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Java, Android

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